A Challenge for my twitch stream by my teammate Mr. X (www.twitch.tv/mrxonline)
The task was to make a comic about a pink Pikachu and a couple, where every panel is drawn by somebody else. So only the 1st Panel is from me. Unfortunately Drawpile, the program we made it with, doesn’t recognize my pen display properly, so there is no pen pressure XD

The other 2 are drawn by RiaStarchild (www.twitch.tv/riastarchild) and JonnyBenny (www.twitch.tv/jonnybenny) 2 of my viewers who also stream theirselfs. It’s worth to have a look on their channels 😀

We kept the style simple, so it’s easier for people to join. Unfortunately there were technical issues in the end of the stream so no one could join anymore D: A big THANK YOU to Ria & Jonny 😀


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